Alien Thing Arena 3 - Internet Action Game

When you first start you can change the appearance of your character.
The goal of the game is to navigate through different levels and kill as many enemies as you can. You get several different weapons and points are awarded for the style you kill enemies.
Pick up weapons as you kill different enemies, you are allowed to carry 2 at a time including a lead pipe. Use the keyboard to move your character around and use the mouse to change weapons and shoot.
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Funny Women's Shoes

Women's ShoesBoxing shoes

Funny Shoe Picture Confortables high heels?

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Women's Shoes Long shoes!

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Funny Shoe Picture Metal shoes!

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Women's ShoesShoes and socks! All in one!

Shoe Vending Machine
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Game Fun, Redstar Fall

Try to remove all figures but make sure the Red Star does not fall off the platform!
Click on the different blocks and objects to remove them and allow the star to fall to the platform.

As you progress in levels new challenges are added like these boxes that blow up.

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Game Fun: Cargo Bridge

Funny Game: Cargo Bridge

Build a bridge and test your consctruction skills. Help your workers to collect items located on the other side of valley. Become a number one of the leader board.

Build a bridge using your mouse and available budget. When it is done click "Test your bridge". Your workers will use it to get items located at the other side of valley, and bring them back to the shop. Your goal is to collect all items in level.

For each level you have limited budget. All money that you won't use, become your score, so cheaper bridge equals1 higher score. Money collected in all levels of game will be your total score and will be sent to leader board. You will use those money in challenge mode too.

You need to build a bridge between the valleys so the workers can finish their jobs. So the first thing to do is survey the terrain, move the mouse cursor to the left side of the screen to scroll further over.

Go back into design mode to start sketching your bridge design using wood blocks and connectors. Keep an eye on the funds in the bank while building.

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Maintain An Elephant

funny Elephant
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funny Elephant

Funny Soccer Pictures

Funny Photo
This has to be painful!
Funny Football

Funny Soccer
one to two. not fair

Funny Soccer Pictures Funny Football Photos